When I think of the Rolling Stones I can't help but think of Byron Bay at the same time... You see the first time I ever went to the Byron Bay Markets amidst the crowds, long hair,  and stifling heat,  the sound of "Miss You" by the Rolling Stones filled the air. I instantly felt like I had been transported back to the mid 70's (or what I imagine it would have been like) and I imagine it would have been great. 

" Like a Rolling Stone" was of course written and produced by Bob Dylan, but Jimmi Hendrix also later did a you can see where I am heading with this. 

Last year I worked with Amilita for their "Like a Rolling Stone" Winter 2014 Campaign, which ironically, was shot in Byron Bay. So I couldn't think of a better way to bring you Amilita x the stones all rolled into one. 

Credits: Designer Amilta, Jewellery: Spell Designs Photography:  Carly Brown, Model: Renee Bates @ Division Model Management, Beauty: Satya Schmitz 





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